Frequently Asked Questions

What are the protective benefits of the METALITH?

METALITH has been extensively tested, vetted and validated for use by various agencies of the United States Government. METALITH provides unsurpassed protection against a variety of ground-based threats which, dependent upon configuration (height and width) are as follows:

What are the functional benefits of the METALITH?

Selected functional benefits of METALITH include, but are not limited to the following:

From what materials are your METALITH products made?

The standard METALITH design is comprised of G-235 Structural Grade Galvanized Steel, and High-Grade Stainless Steel.

What options are offered with your METALITH products?

METALITH is offered with many options, which are as follows:

Can the appearance of the METALITH be enhanced?

Yes. We offer many architectural enhancements, such as high performance paint systems, architectural cladding, lighting, and spray-on finishes. In short, METALITH may be modified to match virtually any desired appearance, from granite to brick.

What information is needed to receive a proposal from IDT?

What are your lead times at IDT?

Lead times vary. Most requirements can be filled within four weeks after receipt of order.

What are your payment terms at IDT?

Our payment terms vary. For more information, please contact us or go to Contract Vehicles.

All Major Credit Cards are Accepted:

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

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NOTE: Infrastructure Defense Technologies has been awarded six National Stock Numbers (NSN) for our METALITH product line.

The U.S. Government uses NSNs, a 13-digit series of numbers, to identify certain materials by Federal Supply Group and Class, NATO Country Code, and National Item Identification Number. Per our current Defense Logistics Agency IDIQ Contract, the NSNs for METALITH are:

NSN 5450-01-554-1401: 8′ wide x 16′ high x 24′ long metal revetment wall
NSN 5450-01-554-1398: 8′ wide x 12′ high x 32′ long metal revetment wall
NSN 5450-01-554-1392: 8′ wide x 10′ high x 40′ long metal revetment wall
NSN 5450-01-554-1249: 3′ wide x 6′ high x 104′ long metal revetment wall
NSN 5450-01-554-1256: 5′ wide x 10′ high x 48′ long metal revetment wall
NSN 5450-01-535-7955: 2′ wide x 6′ high x 104′ long metal revetment wall

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