Featured Projects

  • Nuclear Fuel Services Corporation, Erwin, TN – Nuclear fuel processing facility
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory – Nuclear weapons testing facility
  • Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation – Oil refinery
  • Glencore Petrofac JV, Republic of Chad – Oil production complex
  • United Nations Complex, Sana’a Yemen
  • Pohang Airbase, Republic of Korea – Aircraft revetments
  • Japanese Ministry of Defense – Base perimeter at Naha Air Base
  • Canadian Embassy, Kabul Afghanistan – Embassy perimeter
  • SynCrude, Mildred Lake, AB Canada – Oil production complex perimeter
  • US Agency for International Development (USAID), Sudan – Base perimeter
  • United States Marine Corps (USMC), Afghanistan – 4 Combat Outposts (COP)
  • Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan – Aircraft revetments and base perimeter
  • Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan – Base perimeter
  • Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii – Forward Operating Base (FOB) training facility for USMC
  • Volk Field Air National Guard Base, WI – Aircraft revetments
  • Royal Canadian Air Force, Alberta – Aircraft revetments
  • US Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island, IL – Emergency flood fighting barrier distribution center
  • Fort Irwin, CA – Forward Operating Base (FOB) training facility
  • Anderson Air Force Base, Guam – Aircraft revetments
  • United States Navy, TN – Perimeter of nuclear fuel processing facility
  • Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan – Ammunition Supply Point (ASP)
  • United States Embassy – Kabul, Afghanistan
  • United Nations Mission Complex – Sana’a, Yemen
  • United States Military Training Mission – Eskan Village Air Base, Saudi Arabia
  • Nuclear Fuel Services Corp., Erwin, TN – Facility perimeter
  • Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station – Protection of high consequence assets
  • Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea – Aircraft revetments and munitions storage area
  • Yecheon Air Base, Republic of Korea – Aircraft revetments
  • Magellan Pipeline Project, Omaha, NE – Protection of petroleum pipeline and valves
  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, CA – Nuclear power plant perimeter
  • United States Border fortification (SBINET) – Several border crossing checkpoints
  • Eni Nigeria – Bulk oil storage tank farm perimeter protective and spill barrier
  • Fort Irwin, CA – National Training Center, MOUT School
  • City of Peoria, IL – Emergency flood wall/steel protective levee
  • Camp Lemmonier, Djibouti – Entry Control Point and perimeter (CJTF-HOA)
  • Pohang Air Base, Republic of Korea – Aircraft revetments
  • US Embassy Annex, Kabul – Facility perimeter
  • US Embassy, Bogota, Colombia – Facility perimeter
  • Oconee Nuclear Power Plant, SC – Facility perimeter
  • Babcock & Wilcox, Lynchburg, VA – Facility perimeter at nuclear fuel plant
  • Al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar – Entry Control Point
  • US Department of Justice (FBI), Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL – Explosives training range
  • US Marine Corps, Kaneohe Bay, HI – Three new training FOB’s
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory – Nuclear Weapons Facility
  • Wisconsin National Guard, Fort McCoy, WI – Helicopter revetments
  • Glencore Petrofac JV, Republic of Chad – Oil drilling/production facility protective spill barrier
  • U.S. Army Chemical Materials Activity, Pueblo, CO – Chemical weapons storage area
  • City of Clarkesville, MO – Emergency flood fighting protective barrier
  • Shell Nigeria – Pipeline protection system
  • Eni Nigeria – Pipeline protection system
  • General Dynamics Canada – Perimeter protective barrier at an explosives plant
  • Entergy, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant – Perimeter protective system
  • DRS Sustainment Systems, St. Louis, MO – Aircraft revetments for USAF Material Command
  • Japan Ministry of Defense, Naha Air Base – Aircraft revetments
  • Royal Jordanian Air Force, King Abdullah Air Base – Aircraft revetments
  • Vermont Air National Guard, 158th Fighter Wing – Aircraft Revetments
  • Saudi ARAMCO, Eastern Province KSA – Full perimeter of Oil production and desulphurization plant
  • Tyndall AFB, FL – Aircraft revetments for F-35’s
  • AFCENT Ali Al-Salem AB, Kuwait – Aircraft revetments and munitions storage area

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