METALITH protective barriers are sand or earth-filled prefabricated steel wall structures designed to protect critical infrastructure assets or personnel from terrorist attacks using deadly threats such as bullets, Rocket Propelled Grenades, Improvised Explosive Devices and truck bombs. METALITH is available in multiple sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of any site in need of protection.

Originally used by the United States Armed Forces for force and critical equipment protection in forward areas, the METALITH has been improved to accommodate the growing demand for the protection of industrial, commercial, and government facilities of all types against attack. METALITH is a U.S. Department of State K12 certified, prefabricated steel wall structure that offers cost efficiency, superior asset protection, and ease of installation.

METALITH is the choice of many security consultants and architects, security contractors, corporate security officers, industrial security products purchasing managers, and anti-terrorism specialists, who require physical perimeter security systems to protect personnel and critical infrastructure assets against Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs) and vehicular penetration by hostile forces (anti-ram and anti-blast). Industrial, commercial, and government facilities can best use our METALITH barrier systems as protection from intruders attempting to penetrate their perimeter security.

Metalith Standardized Sizes

2′ X 6′016218
3′ X 6′016218
4′ X 8′116218
4′ X 10′216218
5′ X 10′216218
6′ X 10′216218
6′ X 12′316218
7′ X 12′316216
7′ X 16′216216
8′ X 10′216216
8′ X 16′216216

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